Cyber Security News Roundup: The Last Call
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Cyber Security News Roundup: The Last Call

Here are the most interesting cyber security news stories from the past 24 hours

Over the past week or so we’ve been experimenting with daily news roundups. While a daily news roundup is something we would like to move towards in the future, we’ve decided it’s a little premature at this stage in the game.

Hashed Out has been a tremendous success over its first year. We’ve gone from a few hundred clicks per week to tens of thousands. Unfortunately, we need to grow our staff before we can truly evolve into what this blog has the potential to be. In the meantime we’re going to go back to focusing our efforts on providing other types of content. The daily news roundups will return soon.

Another Microsoft Office Exploit

Most of the news surrounding Microsoft Office lately has circulated on the threat of an unpatched DDE feature that’s built into the program. Now, researches at Embedi have discovered another vulnerability that could allow attackers to install malware on targeted computers. The vulnerability is a memory corruption issue that is present in the last 17 year’s worth of MS Office releases. So… be careful when opening files in Office.

[Source: The Hacker News]

Mastercard gets into the blockchain game

MasterCard has filed a patent for a “Method and System for Instantaneous Payment Using Recorded Guarantees.” In layman’s terms, this is a patent for blockchain technology that offers instant payment. Ironically, MasterCard’s CEO has attacked BitCoin in the past. BitCoin, of course, has been instrumental in the growth of blockchain technology. The same technology that MasterCard will soon be using as a payment ledger.

[Source: Tech Crunch]

Kaspersky/Parity announce new blockchain voting system

Kaspersky and Parity have announced Polys, a secure online voting system. It’s a great idea, but the timing isn’t great for the companies involved. Parity, as you may have heard, just had an issue with one of its Cryptocurrency wallets and may have just lost billions. Kaspersky meanwhile has been banned by the US government for its alleged ties to Russia. Something tells me Polys won’t be adopted in America. At least not early on.

[Source: BitCoin Magazine]




Patrick Nohe

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