Cyber Security News Roundup: Quantum Computing vs. Bitcoin
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Cyber Security News Roundup: Quantum Computing vs. Bitcoin

The most interesting cyber security news from the past 24 hours.

It’s Thursday, November 9th and these are the most interesting stories from the world of cyber security. We’ve got a Chinese keylogging conspiracy, some lame hackers, IoT security, two factor authentication and of course, Quantum Computing’s threat to cryptocurrencies.

It’s all hear for your enjoyment.

Chinese keyboard manufacturer caught spying on users

MantisTek, a Chinese keyboard manfucaturer is embroiled in a scandal after a keylogger was found built into its GK2 model keyboard. It’s being accused of spying on users and sending the data to a cloud server hosted by Alibaba. Even better, the communication is happening via HTTP – not HTTPS – which means that everything that a user had ever typed with this keyboard is potentially accessible by any interested third party actor that wants it. So, if you’re using the MantisTek GK2 – STOP!

[Source: Hack Read]

Hackers Plaster Pro-ISIS Propaganda across 800 schools websites

For most people, the worst that’s going to happen if you get hacked is someone posts a picture of a phallus as your profile photograph or writes an embarrassing status for you. That seems to be about the level of inspiration for a group of apparently pro-ISIS hackers that took the time to deface the websites of over 800 US schools and school districts. A group of losers named “Team System DZ” claimed responsibility. Good one, guys. Way to stick it to the man.

[Source: Naked Security]

IoT Security is Enterprise Business’ Biggest Concern

According to s survey of over 600 global enterprise businesses, 90% expect to see the volume of connected devices go up over the next several years with 77% agreeing that securing these new connected devices represents their biggest security challenge. Additionally, 82% struggle with visibility of all devices and 76% said IoT devices were forcing them to rethink their entire security strategy.

[Source: InfoSecurity Magazine]

Only 28% of Users are taking advantage of two-factor authentication

I’ll be the first to admit, two-factor authentication is a pain in the butt. It adds extra steps to the sign-in process and in a world of on-demand, instant gratification that can be too much for some people. Most people, actually. As in, almost three quarters. A recent survey by Duo Security found that just 28% of respondents use 2FA. Perhaps more alarming, 56% of respondents didn’t even know what 2FA was before the survey.

[Source: eWeek]

Quantum Computing vs. Bitcoin

Divesh Aggarwal at the National University of Singapore has been conducting research into the threat that quantum computers, which are currently in development, may pose to cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin. Eventually, someone with a powerful enough supercomputer could essentially take over the blockchain and thus the cryptocurrency. But per Aggarwal’s research, we’re still over a decade away from that begin feasible.

[Source: Technology Review]


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