Browser Watch: Firefox HTTP Warning is Incoming
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Browser Watch: Firefox HTTP Warning is Incoming

Mozilla has added a permanent Firefox HTTP Warning in its advance browser.

Day after day, the browsers have been getting more and more stringent in regard to their approach towards unsecured (HTTP) websites, and Mozilla is about to take the next step and add a permanent Firefox HTTP warning for all non-HTTPS sites.

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Firefox Nightly, a pre-release version of Firefox has just gotten its latest update (version 59), and it has a provision that will warn users when he/she lands on any HTTP website, regardless of whether he/she enters any information or not. Nightly gives a sneak peek into the upcoming Firefox versions and the changes coming with it. Right now, the Firefox HTTP warning is only displayed in the form of a red line over a padlock.

Firefox HTTP Warning

And then when clicked:

Firefox HTTP warning

If you want to activate the Firefox HTTP warning, you’ll have to do it manually.

To enable this permanent warning on Nightly 59, you must enable a hidden setting. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type in about:config in the address bar and press Enter. You’ll get a host of configuration options in here.
  2. Search for ‘insecure_connection_icon.enabled’ in the search field.
  3. Double click on insecure_connection_icon.enabled. The Status will be changed from default to modified, and this feature will be enabled.

Will we see this change taking place in Firefox? If yes, when?

It’s no secret that the browser community will mark all HTTP sites ‘Not Secure’ eventually. When exactly? Nobody knows. Though the smart money is sometime next Spring, my guess is April. One thing is for sure is though, the browsers will keep on raising the level regarding the stringency. These warnings are expanding and becoming more severe by the update.

So, the earlier you get your website secured, the better it is for you!

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