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GeoTrust Continues to Lead Go Daddy and Others in SSL Market

‘Alexa Netcraft Index’ Once Again Shows GeoTrust Is the SSL Provider of Choice Among Web Sites That See the Highest Traffic


GeoTrust, Inc., a leading certificate authority, once again has topped the “Alexa Netcraft Index” tracking Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate use among the Internet’s most visited sites.

The Index, which cross-references data from Netcraft’s August SSL Survey with the Alexa Top 1 Million Domains list, continues to show that GeoTrust SSL Certificates secure more of the most-visited web sites on the Internet than any other certificate authority (CA).

The Netcraft SSL survey tallies all publicly facing SSL certificates on the Internet, including “parked” certificates on unused or infrequently visited web sites. The Alexa 1 Million is a well-known site traffic measurement service that lists the million most visited sites, ranked by order of popularity. In preparing the Alexa Netcraft Index, Catapult Data Services cross-references these industry data sets to obtain an accurate picture of SSL certificate usage on web sites that matter most.

The analysis revealed 35,037 unique domains protected by GeoTrust® SSL certificates out of nearly 170,000 of the Alexa 1 Million on which Netcraft found certificates. Running second is the VeriSign brand with 30,280 unique domains, and third is Go Daddy, which protected 26,081 unique domains in this same set of sites.

Although the VeriSign brand is widely recognized as the leader in the premium SSL certificate and online trust category, GeoTrust leads Go Daddy and other certificate authorities in the low-cost category, where low prices are a key consideration factor for purchase and the most important product feature is simply to enable encryption.

“The latest Alexa Netcraft Index provides fresh perspective to what has been true for years: that GeoTrust is the SSL certificate authority of choice among even the smallest active sites,” said Jeff Barto, senior product marketing manager for GeoTrust. “As the far-and-away leader in the low-cost SSL category, GeoTrust builds trust throughout the Internet community by authenticating sites that not only invest in SSL protection, but that actually get site visitors and web traffic. More web sites that matter most build trust with GeoTrust.”

With SSL certificates issued in more than 150 countries around the world, GeoTrust offers world-class SSL certificates with fast delivery at a cost-effective price. Enabling up to 256-bit SSL encryption, they include a range of GeoTrust® True Site seals based on the desired level of identity verification.

GeoTrust’s SSL solutions present a wide range of cost-effective options, including standard or Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, support of up to 256-bit SSL encryption, static or dynamic GeoTrust True Site seals, and warranty protection ranging from $10,000 to $150,000. In addition, GeoTrust offers multi-domain support in the Subject Alternative Names (SANs) field for greater flexibility to work with products like Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Companies can sign up today for a free 30-day trial of GeoTrust SSL certificate protection.