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More Top Site Owners Choose GeoTrust Over Go Daddy for SSL

If you conduct transactions online, you’re probably well aware of the importance of gaining customer confidence to ensure they feel safe and secure enough to complete those transactions. Most likely, you also know that one of the best ways to earn their trust is through SSL certificates. Just like your customers decide whether or not to do business with you, it’s also important that you trust your SSL certificate vendor. One good benchmark for choosing a vendor is to look at which certificate authorities the leading online web sites prefer.

According to a Marketwire press release dated October 11, 2010, GeoTrust continues to be the vendor of choice when it comes to high-volume, low-cost SSL certificates. Based on a measure of SSL certificates used around the world, known as the Alexa Netcraft Index, nearly 21 percent of the one million top-visited web sites rely on GeoTrust for their site security. For organizations that need a higher level of validation and security, VeriSign leads the premium SSL and online trust category.

GeoTrust SSL certificates come complete with fast delivery, an affordable price, strong encryption, multi-domain support—even Extended Validation options. When it comes to customer confidence, going with a well-known brand is very important. GeoTrust is more widely known and respected than Go Daddy. Warranty is also a critical factor—the bigger the better—just in case someone decides to steal your customer’s credit card information. GeoTrust warranty ranges from $10,000 to $250,000 compared to Go Daddy’s $2000 warranty.

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