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Norton Secured: Powered by Symantec

More than 3 years ago, Symantec Corporation officially acquired VeriSign’s authentication business unit, which included all of its SSL offerings. One of the final cogs in this transaction is to finalize the brand switch in the popular Norton Secure Seal, which comes with every Symantec SSL certificate. As of Spring 2014, what was previously “Norton Secured Powered by VeriSign” will officially and permanently become “Norton Secured Powered by Symantec.”

As a Specialist Partner of Symantec, we are required to inform our resellers of this impending transition. Partners who do not rebrand in the given timeframe may be legally liable for brand infraction with VeriSign, Inc. However, the brand switch should be an easy and simple process, as customers have grown more and more accustomed to seeing Symantec SSL certificates throughout the past three years and associate this premium brand with the highest trust and level of security.

If your site is currently protected by a Symantec certificate, here are a couple of simple steps you can follow to be in-line with this brand transition:

    1. For those still using the VeriSign trust seal, change to the Norton™ Secured Seal, “powered by Symantec”.

VeriSign Powered by Symantec

    1. For those still using the Norton™ Secured Seal, “powered by VeriSign,” change to the Norton™ Secured Seal, “powered by Symantec”.

Norton Secured Powered By Symantec

Ultimately, it is to the benefit of both you and your customers to comply with this impending switch, as the Symantec brand has usurped the VeriSign brand with regards to recognition and trust across the web, according to numerous independent studies.

In fact, in a recent U.S. consumer study, 94% of respondents indicated that they are likely to continue with an online purchase if they view the Norton Secure Seal during the checkout process. Additionally, the Norton Secure Seal is viewed on more than 40 million desktops worldwide next to trusted website links in search results.

So, make sure that you and your customers are harnessing the power of the latest Norton Secure Seal, powered by Symantec.

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