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Secure Multiple Subdomain with Wildcard SSL Certificates

Nearly every internet user visits a website with an SSL Certificate, but what is it, and why should anybody pay any attention to it?

An SSL Certificate is an encryption technology used to transfer data across computer communication lines and make it secure. The data secured is only seen by the organization that owns the secured certificate. When a consumer knows that a website has this certificate, the consumer has confidence that the data is sent across secure lines. A good analogy of this process is sending a letter and having the mail carrier open it. If the letter is not written in special code, he can read it. If it is written in code, he cannot understand it. That is the job of a Wildcard SSL Certificate. It is to encrypt data so that it is not read or stolen by those who attempt to break the seal.

The job of an SSL Certificate is not only delivering safe, encrypted information, but having an SSL Certificate is kind of like having a drivers license. It tells the consumer the company is who it states it is. It identifies the website owner. For example, when a consumer goes to Amazon to purchase a book, http://www.amazon.com is in the browsers address bar. Well, after the consumer clicks on the add to cart button while on the Amazon website, the website address changes to https s is for secure. It ensures that the website is now secure to conduct safe business transactions. It also says that the website owner is Amazon.

Now, what is a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

This is basically the same thing as a regular SSL Certificate but with the added bonus of securing an unlimited number of first-level sub-domains using a single domain name. In other words, if a business has www.happy.com as the main website address but wanted to add a mail server to that main domain name, it is done under that first-level domain name.

Why are Wildcard SSL Certificates so important?

They are important because they tell the consumer that the other pages connected to a main website are equally secure. Wildcard SSL Certificates are used by very large companies, banks, government agencies, educational institutions and e-commerce stores. These agencies and websites develop sensitive information and need secure data across all of their webpages.

Consumers need a safe place to go, and companies and agencies need to deliver safe data in return. This is where the SSL Certificate and Wildcard SSL Certificate are useful. Always check for secure connections when shopping, and always purchase a secure line when delivering sensitive information.

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