The SSL Store and ManageEngine team up to simplify Certificate Management
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The SSL Store and ManageEngine team up to simplify Certificate Management

A powerful, new, one-stop solution for all your digital certificate and key management needs

For the past decade The SSL Store™ has built its reputation as the premier SSL service in the world, working closely with some of the biggest names in the cybersecurity industry. Today, The SSL Store™ is proud to announce its newest technology partnership with ManageEngine, Zoho Corporation’s IT management products division. This brings a tight integration of ManageEngine Key Manager Plus with The SSL StoreTM which provides a wide range of benefits to customers of both the products. 

ManageEngine has assisted over 180,000 organizations around the world – including 60% of the Fortune 500 – with managing and simplifying their IT needs. With this new partnership, The SSL Store’s reach has never extended further.

As part of our recent push into the Enterprise space, we’ve been diversifying our certificate management offerings. This new partnership with ManageEngine Key Manager Plus further extends our ability to assist our partners – from SMBs on up to the Enterprise – with securing every aspect of the digital certificate and digital key infrastructure, from SSL to SSH and everything in between. 

Attacking Enterprise Pain Points

One of the biggest problems facing modern businesses is certificate and key management, there’s no shortage of eye-popping statistics. 

  • 73% of IT pros believe failing to secure keys and certificates undermines trust
  • 71% of organizations have no idea how many certificates and keys they even have
  • 61% of organizations are concerned they can’t secure keys through all stages of the life-cycle
  • 74% of organizations have experienced downtime or an outage due to certificate expiry

“Big enterprises today witness a proliferation of critical assets that house and process huge volumes of sensitive information. Access to these resources needs to be secured and authentication should be regulated. SSH keys and SSL certificates, like passwords, serve as authentication credentials for a lot of such crucial systems but are often overlooked. Hence it is important for organizations to figure out a way to secure and manage these forgotten credentials when building their privileged access security strategy”, said Vasudevan Seshadri, product manager, ManageEngine Key Manager Plus.

And that just covers organizations’ concerns with certificate and key management. For a better sense of the scope of the problem, take a look at this.

So why is this such a big problem? Because many organizations have some pretty big misconceptions about certificate and key management. Specifically, that it adds cost and complexity at the expense of productivity. 

The SSL Store™ and ManageEngine are determined to challenge that thinking by providing an affordable certificate and key management solution that provides visibility, oversight and a streamlined interface to control it all. 

Key Manager Plus is a web-based key and certificate management solution that helps IT admins discover, consolidate, create, deploy, renew and audit the entire life cycles of SSH key and SSL certificates. It is an on-premise solution, where clients download network/server agents and access the management platform via browser. It’s never been easier to interface with your digital certificate and key implementations, procure additional certificates and manage all stages of the lifecycle.

Compliance ends with bad certificate and key management

There’s never been more red tape to cut through in modern business. Whether it’s domestic laws, international regulations or industry standards – chances are your organization has to comply with something. Mis-managing digital certificates and keys is a great way to run afoul of that. 

According to a recent study, poor certificate/key management cost the average organization just over $15-million in penalties for non-compliance and failed audits over the past two years. Mis-management can lead to breaches, attacks and a complete loss of trust. There’s no shortage of both statistical and anecdotal evidence to bear that out. 

How ManageEngine Key Manager Plus & The SSL Store solve these challenges

Key Manager Plus solves most of these problems by consolidating all of an organization’s certificates and keys onto a single platform – that includes both publicly trusted and privately issued certificates and keys – and offering granular control over every aspect.  

  • Complete visibility over all certificates and keys
  • Complete control through a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Completely avoid unforeseen expiry and/or disruptions
  • Completely automate issuance, workflows and lifecycles
  • Complete compliance solution right at your fingertips

The Key Manager Plus dashboard allows organizations to manage all aspects of SSH keys and SSL certificates from a central dashboard, complete with granular user permissions, reporting, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the actual features, too. We preach certificate management best practices so often that sometimes the advice feels more like a platitude than an action item. Heck, we’ve even written a white paper on the subject. But when we say, scan and gain visibility over all of your certificates – what does that mean?

Here’s a look at how you actually scan for certificates and keys. 

It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds. It may be on other platforms – not here though. You’ve got several options for running your scans, you can go by a host name, IP address or an IP range. Just plug in the information, pick your port and let Key Manager Plus do the rest. Once it’s finished it will compile what it’s found into a list that gives you control through a single, easy-to-use interface. 

We’ve only set up a single test certificate so that you see how the certificate information will be displayed, but this control panel will be much more crowded once you run your scans. At the top, if you’ll notice the dropdown, you’ll see that you can purchase SSL/TLS certificates from The SSL Store™ right through this interface with just a few clicks. This integration will save you time and offer access to higher-value business authentication certificates as needed. Everything is done right there on the platform, from generating the CSR to submitting the certificate request to deploying it via your company’s Active Directory. 

When you click on an individual certificate, it gives you a complete rundown of the information contained in it, as well as the option to export it.

There’s also a robust reporting feature. As we discussed earlier, compliance is one of the biggest concerns for most organizations, so the ability to get in-depth reports with just a couple of clicks both saves times and assists with your compliance and audit requirements. 

Hopefully this gives you some actual insight into the usefulness of a platform like this – as opposed to the opaque glimpse you normally get when you read about these kinds of products. We wouldn’t be writing about this, much less partnering with ManageEngine, if we didn’t think this was helpful. It is. 

Not using Key Manager Plus yet? Sign up for a free trial here.

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Integrating ManageEngine Key Manager Plus with The SSL Store

Thanks to the integration with The SSL Store, Key Manager Plus users can now:

  • Acquire certificates from trusted CAs, including Sectigo, GeoTrust, & Thawte.
  • Auto-import newly purchased certificates.
  • Save money with Enterprise and volume discounts on all SSL certificate purchases.
  • Choose from flexible billing options, including credit card, wire transfer, and NET 30.
  • 24/7 support from SSL experts.

Get started by signing up for an Enterprise Account with The SSL Store. You can connect your account from within the Key Manager Plus dashboard.


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