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Trust Marks Evolving to New Levels: Symantec® Seal-in-Search™

Note: Seal in Search feature is no longer available now.

Given all the noise experienced on the Internet, online marketers need to reach customers as early as possible in the purchase cycle. By displaying a trust mark next to a link in search results, the website is naturally differentiated as customers are directed to links that display a trust mark while they’re in the process of doing searches and comparison shopping.
TrustSeal In Search
Display of trust marks can help businesses demonstrate their trustworthiness in search results and encourage traffic to their website.

Symantec provides a unique Seal-in-Search feature that displays the Norton Secured Seal next to links from Symantec trusted sites within search engine results (on enabled browsers) and Symantec partnered sites. Seal-in-Search helps to increase link visibility and improve consumer confidence, which could lead to higher click rates and improved traffic to trusted websites.

Leveraging Trust Marks to Drive Competitiveness, Revenue and Profits
Addressing consumer fears about website security through the use of trust marks can help increase transactions.
A recent study investigated security concerns of online shoppers, and shed light on the value that trust marks hold in the minds of consumers:

– 94 percent of respondents are likely to continue an online purchase when they view the Norton Secured Seal during checkout, more than when our competitors’ trust seals or no seal is displayed.

– 90 percent of respondents will not complete their purchase when a warning page pops up during a purchase.

– 56 percent of respondents go to a competitor’s website to complete their purchase and only 17 percent try the first website again in response to a security warning.

Almost all online crime involves a fraudster pretending to be someone they are not. Trust marks are continuing to evolve, to be more proactive in fighting online impersonation and fraud, and helping to encourage the growth of online commerce. One particularly promising innovation has been to build visible fraud detection capabilities into the Internet browser itself.

Given persistent concerns over Internet privacy and security, the lack of a recognizable trust mark associated with a merchant’s website can materially impact revenue potential. Most consumers lack the tools to verify the presence of adequate security on an e-commerce site, and trust marks address this need. Merchants need to convey that their site is a safe place to conduct commerce. A trust mark is an active demonstration of that commitment.

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