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VeriSign 3-Pro Advantage

Many customers have trouble justifying VeriSign’s higher cost. Did you know VeriSign is more than SSL? It’s a 3-in-1 security product.

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  1. Promotes Your Credibility: Only VeriSign offers Seal-in-Search, a browser add-on that populates on over 70 million desktops. TheFind.com saw an 18% traffic increase. Seal-in-Search comes free with any VeriSign product.
  2. Protects You from Blacklisting: Only VeriSign provides Daily Malware Scanner (DMS), a service that checks your Web site every day to ensure you don’t become a victim of blacklisting. DMS comes free with any VeriSign product.
  3. Propels Interactivity & Revenue: Only VeriSign has such an impressive track record of success with the eye-popping statistics from its SSL case studies. With impossible conversion rates and unbelievable ROI, VeriSign is $$L.


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