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What is an Organization Validated SSL Certificates?

Individuals transmitting sensitive, confidential and personal data over the internet like to know that the data will remain secure. Businesses securing an Organization Validated SSL (OV SSL) certificate put these individuals at ease when they see the yellow padlock in the locked position in the browser address bar. The OV SSL certificate lets the user know that security measures are in place.

A business who applies for and receives an OV SSL assures those who connect to the business site that the company has been vetted by an outside organization. The organization issuing the certificate verifies that the owner of the certificate operates a legitimate business. The certification authorization organization matches the business’ physical and internet contact information and the business’ legal organizational documentation to the information provided in the application.The certification authorization organization issues the certificate once all the information is confirmed.

The OV SSL assures clients, vendors and partners that a business values the security and privacy of those who interact with the business. When the browser connects to the website, the browser verifies that the connection exists between the authentic website, and not one intercepted by an unauthorized individual. The browser verifies that the type of encryption matches an encryption that the browser can read, and then exchanges codes with the site to set up a secure connection. The address bar changes the URL address from an http connection to an https connection, and displays the closed padlock symbol. All communication after that connection is established takes place at an encrypted level.

When an individual connects to a secured website, he or she knows that any information transmitted cannot be intercepted for phishing or illegal purposes. The commitment to internet security inspires confidence, and encourages the individual to trust the business and continue using that business.

A business that invests the time and money to establish a secured site inspires trust. The amount of money spent to obtain the OV SSL is small compared to the results the business experiences once the security is in place.

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