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What is Norton Secured Seal? And how it helps to increase Search Engine Traffic?

For many years, seals and badges have dominated as the leading symbols of conveying a websites security to the public. Symantec and the Symantec Safe Site have a reputation as the most trusted name in internet security. Symantec, which owns Symantec, has joined with the leader in personal computing security, Norton, to re-brand and improve its seal.

The Norton Secured Seal proves to the customer their personal information is treated with the highest regard for privacy. Symantec has partnered with Norton to add malware and virus scanning to keep bots and other spamming devices away from the site. The Norton seal, in combination with a high-quality SSL Certificate, can help increase site traffic and sales.

In addition to the customer perception benefits the Norton Secured Seal brings to a site, many search engines give preferential treatment to sites that demonstrate a commitment to security. Both Google and Bing use the seal as primary criteria for determining search rank for shopping sites and as a part of the ranking measurement with any site that handles personal information.
Investing in the Norton Secured Seal and a Symantec SSL Certificate can help any website boost sales and customer loyalty and attract new customers as well. A business can recoup the cost of verification quickly and the benefit with a higher search rank, positive customer perceptions and increased customer turnaround.

Symantec’s transition from the Symantec Safe Site to the Norton one represents a change in the world of e-commerce as a whole. The future is set to focus more upon the customer and businesses total security, including protection from malware and viruses. The added cost of additional security is an investment in the future of the company. The additional revenue from increased business as a result of quickly pays for the additional security measures.

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