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Why Visitor Does Not Trust Your Website?

Why Visitors Do Not Trust Your Website?

There are several reasons!!!

In general, if you want to build up a successful online business than you must need trust seals like

Business Seal which ensures and provide information related to your business services and contact information of your business HQ.

Privacy Seal ensures your visitors that their details are secure and will not be given to third party in any cases.

Security Seal ensures your customers that transactions being done on your website are under secure connection and will be available for secure and fast online payments.

By placing trust seals on your website you will more than likely see an increase in sales due to the trust that your customers will have concerning your website.

You may not require Security seals for a static business services website where payment and transactions are not being done online.
But what happen, if you have an online store where visitors must have to interact with online transaction systems? How will you ensure your visitors that transactions for the payment are being done on your website are 100% safe and secure?

Is your website not able to fight against,

  • Online fraud
  • Phishing
  • Shopping (sales) fraud
  • Data Interception!!!

What could be the solution to secure your website?

SSL Certificates: Secure Socket Layer Certificates will help you out to build security seals and visitors trust to your website. You must need to purchase a high quality SSL certificate to secure your website online transactions and provide your website a site level verification. SSL certificate is the most commonly used protocol which helps to build online business. SSL certificate transfers the sensitive information via internet. SSL certificates provide 100% secure authentication to Server, Web Applications and Browsers.

I recommend buying SSL certificates as per your website requirements from the giant brands of the industry like RapidSSL Certificate, GeoTrust SSL, Verisign SSL or Thawte SSL Certificates to secure your online store. You must place a logo of implemented SSL certificate and provider on your website to ensure your visitors that transactions and payment will be done under secure connections and will be safe.

Invest couple of dollars to increase your website trust level which definitely helps you to increase your website sales. If you are looking to buy a SSL certificate to secure your business website and online store than visit www.theSSLStore.com NOW!!!

It’s simple and easy to order your favorite SSL brand with TheSSLStore.com!!!

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