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How To Backup SSL Certificate

Microsoft IIS Version 4.0

1. Open the Microsoft Management Console: Start > Programs > Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack > Microsoft Internet Information Server > Internet Service Manager.
2. Right-click the Web site containing the certificate and select Properties.
3. Click the Directory Security tab.
4. In the Secure Communications section, click Edit.
5. Click Key Manager.
6. Select the key to export.
7. On the menu bar, select Key > Export Key > Backup File.
8. A message warns you about placing sensitive information in a file on your hard drive. Click OK.
9. Specify the name of the file that will hold the exported key. Click Save.

SSL Price, SSL certificate
SSL Price, SSL certificate

Microsoft IIS Version 5.0 / 6.01. Go to Start >> Programs >> Administrative Tools
2. Open the IIS Manager.
3. Navigate to the web site that has the SSL certificate installed.
4. Right click website and choose Properties
5. Click on Directory Security Tab
6. Click on the Server Certificate button near the bottom.
7. A Certification Wizard will appear, Click Next to bypass the “Welcome Screen”
8. Choose “Export the current certificate to a .pfx file” from the radio buttons and click Next.
9. In the next wizard page, choose a file location and save your .pfx file. Click Next.
10. Enter Certificate Password then click Next
11. Click Next and bypass “Export Certificate Summary”
12. Click Finish and you are done.


1. Locate the private key and certificate files. The following directives in the httpd.conf point to the location of the key and certificate files:

SSLCertificateFile …/path/to/mycertfile.crt
SSLCACertificateFile …/path/to/intermediate.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile …/path/to/mykeyfile.key

2. Copy the .key file, both .crt files (one is the server certificate and the other is the intermediate CA certificate), and the httpd.conf file onto a diskette or CD.

.key – private key
.crt – server certificate
.crt – intermediate CA certificate

httpd.conf – Web server configuration file


1. Navigate to the SSL Directory where the SSL Keystore is kept. By default this can be a hidden directory.
For example: /root/.keystore
2. Make a copy of the keystore file in this directory. This contains your Private and Public keys.

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