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How To Monitor Active Web Server and FTP Server Connections (IIS 6.0)

To ensure that service to clients is not interrupted, monitor the Web server for any active Web and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connections before taking the Web server offline. Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 include performance monitor counters that can be used to monitor the active Web and FTP connections. Monitor the active Web and FTP connections to ensure one of the following is true:

  • The number of active Web and FTP connections is zero.
  • All active Web or FTP sessions can be accounted for and can be terminated.

Credentials: Membership in the Administrators group on the local computer.

Tools: Perfmon.msc, Perfmon.exe.


To monitor active Web and FTP connections in IIS 6.0
1. Open Administrative Tools, and then click Performance.
2. Right-click the System Monitor details pane, and then click Add Counters.
3. Do one of the following:

>> To monitor any computer on which the monitoring console is run, click Use local computer counters.


>> To monitor a specific computer, regardless of where the monitoring console is run, click Select counters from computer, and specify a computer name or IP address.

4. In Performance object, click:

>> Web Service to monitor active Web connections.


>> FTP Service to monitor active FTP connections.

5. Click Select counters from list, and select Current Connections.

6. Click All instances.

7. Click Add, and then click Close.

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