Circle With An i: The Mysterious Google Chrome Icon Explained
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Circle With An i: The Mysterious Google Chrome Icon Explained

The grey ‘circle with an i’ symbol indicates your connection is not secure.

Have you seen this ‘circle with an i’ icon in Google’s Chrome web browser? Wondered what it meant?

circle with an i

We have the answer.

The lowercase i with a circle around it is formally known as the Information Symbol. It tells you when your connection to a website is not secure.

When you connect to a website your browser uses the HTTP protocol or the HTTPS protocol. Which one is used depends on what the website tells your browser to do.

The meaning of those acronyms don’t matter – what you want to know is that one of those protocols is secure and one isn’t.

HTTP is not secure. When you are connected to a website over HTTP the content of the page can easily be changed and the information you enter in can easily be stolen. You will see the grey circle with an i – the “Information Symbol” – when you are connected over HTTP. Here is an example:

circle with an i
An example of a page with the “Information Symbol” which indicates your connection is not secure.

HTTPS (notice the S on the end) is the secure protocol. HTTPS adds SSL (another protocol) into the mix to provide encryption and authentication which keeps the information private between your computer and the website.

Google Chrome likes when websites use HTTPS because it means they can feel more confident that your information is safe.

When you have a secure connection Chrome will display a ‘padlock’ icon. Just seeing “https://” on its own is not enough – if the padlock is not there then your connection is not completely secure.

Why it matters?

circle with an iIf you are seeing this icon it means any information you share with the website is not secure because the connection was made with the HTTP protocol.

There are two major threats when you connect over HTTP:

  1. Data that you send and receive can easily be stolen. You should never enter passwords or credit card numbers on a page showing this icon. If you do, that data is being sent onto the internet without encryption where it could be read and stolen by other parties that can view internet traffic.
  2. The content on the page could be modified or replaced using a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack. This could be obtrusive – such as inserting advertisements onto the page, or malicious – such as stealing cookies. This threat is significantly more likely when you are on public wifi networks such as at the airport or a coffee shop.

Many websites still use HTTP, but any site that asks you for personal or financial information needs to be using HTTPS or they cannot make any guarantees about the safety of your information. It’s always better to use HTTPS – even when you are just browsing. But there is less danger if you are not giving sensitive information.

The security of your connection can change on every page of a website. That is because the server running the website may only provide a secure connection on certain areas of the site – such as during the checkout process.

Before you enter your login or financial information double check that you are seeing the padlock icon, which indicates your connection is secure.

Most websites that support HTTPS use it by default. But you can try adding “https://” to the beginning of a URL to test if the site supports it. If Chrome returns an error or cannot display the page, then that site does not support HTTPS. It is up to each website to support the HTTPS protocol – there is nothing you can do on your end to fix this (besides contact the site to tell them).

It is important to know that HTTPS and the ‘padlock’ can only tell you about the security of your connection – the padlock icon does not guarantee the site you are on is legitimate. You can have a secure connection with a phishing site; similar to how a stock being listed on the New York Stock Exchange does not mean it’s a safe investment.

So don’t let your guard down just because you see the padlock! Always check the URL to make sure you are on a legitimate site and still use your sense of caution when giving information to a new site.

  • when I first log in to my godaddy email, it has the padlock icon, then later it changes into the circle with the small i in it. Does this mean that my email is hacked?

    • No, it doesn’t mean that your email is hacked. That’s not what that indicator is meant to show. The padlock indicates connection security. Whether or not your connection with the server is encrypted or not. I’m not familiar with GoDaddy’s email servers and set-up, but my guess is that something like mixed content (some assets are encrypted and others are not) could be causing the indicator to change. I would reach out to GoDaddy directly and inquire about “why your connection security indicator changes after locking into their mail service.” We hope that helps.

  • Hi there! Does it mean the same when it shows up next to a contact on an iphone? the person has a gmail email address.

  • I have the i with circle, lets me in facebook ect that it shiws a lick. But microsoft, any other page basically i cant load. (Trying to book flights, now wont open page) happened after an update. Im going nuts. My email wont load either

  • i tried home base online job but it has an i with circle.. it’s an view payed advertisement. do you think it’s a scam?

  • My Android phone vedio ad pop ups at time with this icon an i in a circle.It make you crazy as it appears suddenly when you are at serious work,vedio call,bankig, anything.I tried all possible ways to eradicate it.But no use.Will someone help?

  • It showed up on my contact list,when that showed up my phone will not ring everything is on.just don’t know what to do.

  • This i with an I inside of it did not previously appear in my admin log in page now it’s there. If it is insecure why is it that. Deleting chrome and reinstating it will not make it go away? There must be a way to log in to admin without this hazard. Now when creating a google account somone beat me to it by creating a similar email. How did this happen?

  • I just got a new computer with Microsoft edge, I usually use chrome. Now when playing a game the I with a circle around it stops and freezes my game, I get nothing and have to close my computer to get it back on. Why did it not happen with chrome and now happens with Microsoft?

    • I get a large green circle everytime I open my phone then an error shows pages not available… then games keep popping up… S10+ phone…

  • My home page is on a web site named C-Faith. For about 6 months or so, this icon is on the address bar on the left. I know these people. I’ve been with them since 2000. They don’t do anything slip-shod. Every thing they do is First Rate. I believe it’s bogus, so how do I get rid of it?

  • This blue ‘i in a circle’ shows up in my WiFi settings. I don’t even have chrome. Why am I seeing this.

  • on my tab there is this icon and a random notification pops up and some times a random site opens what do i do to stop this plese help me as soon as possible

  • on my tab there is this icon and a random notification pops up and the notification is send by any random number not a site some times a random site opens what do i do to stop this plese help me as soon as possible

  • I got a small circle with the I inside of it next to the WiFi on the settings l! It want let me connect to the WiFi at my job! I’ve been connected to this wife at my job for about 3 years! All of a sudden now I can’t connect to it ! What is the problem I am really mad right!

  • I have an oblong icon appearing on every single page I am using. Even My ‘Docs’ ‘Word’ and email etc as well as Google and IE. It has a tan background on the left side with a white F in it and on the right hand side a deep blue circle with an lower case ‘i’ in it.
    I’ve rebooted, shutdown and the shutdown the UPS as well plus taken the plug from the wall. It won’t go. Been since mid December. how do I get rid of it. I am only on and not on any other social media.
    Thank you most sincerely, Gaye x

  • Hello. I have a beige small f with a blue i next to it in a square in the top right corner of my inbox incredimail page, it is in the rectangle box in that corner replacing the date, time, calendar and incoming email counter. Plz tell me how I can get rid of it.

  • When I receive an http address to go to that’s where I want to go when I click on it!!! Not to these sites…what’s the point of sending and receiving ? Why do people try to message via email without being able to be contacted?

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