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The ‘S’ in Symantec™ Stands for Security & Success

The information-driven world we live in today has compelled every Internet user to take Internet security very seriously. With every passing day, the amount of information we feed into the web has increased exponentially; and so have the innovative approaches taken by cyber-attackers to steal that data. Which is why securing and managing our Internet world comprising of online data-exchange & storage, has become as important and challenging as well.

To save our cyber-identities and to maintain the privacy of our personal information stored online, most of us rely on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates. Certificate authorities (CAs) issue these certificates to applicants after conducting stringent authentication procedures. Ever since Netscape introduced them to the world in 1994, SSL certificates have maintained their position to this date as the most popular choice of an Internet user to maintain the security of their online conversations and financial transactions.
Symantec Logo

Consistent increase in the number of attacks that are carried out by cyber criminals on the Internet have inspired several companies to shift their focus on issuing these digital certificates. However, looking at the countless brands offering SSL certificates that are available for users today, the name that undoubtedly stands out of the bunch is Symantec©. So, let’s find out what makes this brand number one when it comes to securing websites with digital certificates.

In a Nutshell: The Symantec™ Brand & Its Past

Symantec Corporation today is the leading global web security company, having expertise in providing Internet security solutions for users spread across the globe. Founded in 1982 by a young expert in natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Dr. Gary Hendrix, Symantec was originally focused solely on artificial-intelligence related projects comprising of database programming, etc.

However, it was only after acquiring the certificate authority business of Internet-security giant, VeriSign, that Symantec established its expertise in this area. With this acquisition in May 2010, Symantec acquired VeriSign’s unit of authentication business, which comprised of SSL certificates, VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) authentication services, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), etc. Years later, in 2012, Symantec decided to proceed with rebranding its VeriSign SSL certificate service by renaming VeriSign Trust Seal as Norton Secured Seal.

Why Symantec™ is Synonymous to ‘Security’ & ‘Success’

Over the years, Symantec has grown in to a global leader for providing ultimate solutions in the fields of security, storage and system-management to protect online information from cyber attacks. The brand continues to deliver efficient solutions to help customers across the globe that range from individual consumers and small online businesses to large-scale organizations.
Symantec is dedicated to its aim of removing all the risks to technology, online data and sensitive information in transit on the Internet and is considered the front runner when it comes to being innovative and thinking ahead of time for finding solutions. Here is why Symantec has become analogous with web-security and a source of success in the arena of e-commerce:

Brand Awareness

Symantec officially completed the transit of its SSL certificate business from VeriSign to Symantec in 2012. VeriSign’s reputation had always come in handy for Symantec, propelling its main SSL certificate business to success with leading figures in total number of certificate sold and issued. The newly formed Norton© Secured Seal is known to provide users’ website-visitors an ease of recognition and complete peace of mind by ensuring them about the high-level of security and trust measures for their websites.
Here it is worth noticing that Symantec sensibly merged with VeriSign to prevent any sort of customer confusion. Such a gradual pace of transition enabled Symantec’s customers to become accustomed to the new brand. So much so, that the checkmark now represents the whole company instead of being just a digital certificate business.

Impeccably Innovative Solutions

Post-acquisition, Symantec has efficiently been putting VeriSign’s technology to work in case of its SSL certificate business. Now, as we all know several CAs offer malware and vulnerability scanning on client websites. However, Symantec goes a step further by providing such regular features of malware scanning and vulnerability assessment along with added benefit of Norton Secured Seal, which the users get to display this trust-mark on their websites. It happens to be the most recognized and trusted seal by the consumers on the Internet. For the website visitors, the presence of Norton Secured Seal on a webpage confirms that they are visiting an authentic and a completely secure website.
Symantec also offers Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC) to its users. This enables them to scan their environment on-demand and perform regular monitoring to create a comprehensive inventory of SSL certificates regardless of the issuing certificate authority. This helps the prevent organizations from becoming victims of site outage and other interruption of services that are caused due to certificates with expired dates.

Another thoughtful solution by Symantec is giving users the ability to fight the threat of ‘malicious advertising’, which is also known as ‘Malvertising’. It occurs when advertisements on legitimate websites are infected and compromised by malware, which is then spread across the Internet. To tackle this, Symantec has come up with ‘Advantage’ that efficiently scans all the malvertising and gives tools to alleviate such risks in the future. This lets users host rightful advertising on their sites and protect their brand’s reputation along with maintaining continuity in their business.

Strengthening Trust

Symantec has always been investing in the infrastructure of highest ranks to secure the cryptographic keys that are entrusted for its safekeeping. This infrastructure offers skillfully designed seasoned facilities to defend against cyber attacks along with other hardware-based cryptographic signature systems, anti-malware defense and comprehensive network security.
Symantec also offers a leading-edge technology and regular system upgrades to maintain 100% uptime on its SSL cloud platform and enhance the performance of its expanding customer base. In case of the authentication processes, Symantec performs accurate selection processes to determine the applicant’s identity and ownership of the website.

Automated Control

Symantec’s comprehensive portfolio of security and management software helps its users control more processes automatically, irrespective of it being run on a home PC or a large-scale corporate data center. This portfolio consists of products and policies that range from Norton security products to integrated enforce policies and from online safety to company-wide IP compliance.

Complete Protection

Symantec users are capable of protecting more of their information and technology infrastructure. The brand helps them secure their online identity and interactions to safeguard an organization’s critical data. It also offers excellent security, data-loss prevention products, etc.

Increase in Sales after Symantec SSL purchase

Rises of 5% in the sales have been observed after securing the website with a Symantec SSL certificate. Brand Symantec ensures your visitors that, as a website owner safety is your top priority. This leads to an instant increase in the sales because absolute security is exactly what most of the customers seek.

General Account on Features & Benefits offered by Symantec SSL certificates

Here, we put together a list of standard features and benefits offered by Symantec SSL certificates. Of course, the list shall vary based on the type of SSL certificate chosen.
Security Features

  • Encryption strength: It ranges from 128-bit minimum to 256-bit and 40-bit minimum to 256-bit.
  • Visual Cues: Exclusive feature for Organization Validated (OV) Extended Validation (EV) certificates, this turns the address bar green on high-security browsers to instill trust in visitors.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: It is a feature that automatically scans and lists all the critical vulnerabilities and security issues of a website.
  • Daily Website Malware Scanning: To detect any malicious code, daily scans are conducted under your hostname for all types of Symantec SSL certificates.
  • Norton Secured Seal: All Symantec certificates offer this trust-mark to be displayed on the web page that can be conveniently clicked by the visitors to verify domain name, company name, malware scan status, location etc.
  • Seal-In-Search: A feature available in all varieties of Symantec’s SSL certificate, this feature displays Norton Secured Seal near your link in the search results and product reviews
  • Around the clock support: : All Symantec SSL certificates get FREE technical support via phone, e-mail and live chat directly from The SSL Store™ plus access to all of our online support knowledge-bases.
Additional Features:
  • Installation Checker: This applet is part of free SSL Toolkit that helps to verify the correct installation of the SSL certificate.
  • DSA Algorithm Support: This helps deliver a similar level of security and performance like RSA by using distinct algorithm while signing and encryption.
  • Free Revocation and Replacement: Free revocation and replacement facility available for all the certificates with same number of SAN.
  • High Browser Compatibility: All Symantec certificates have about 100% root ubiquity for desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Multiple Browsers Licensing: Purchase licenses for multiple servers hosting a single domain, used for server back-ups, load balancing etc
  • SAN Support: Up to 24 additional domains included in the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) for Unified Communications
  • IDN Support: All the Symantec SSL users get to secure their websites with Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

These features and more such benefits have brought Symantec to a stage where it issues certificates to 40 of the largest online bank websites and 93% of Fortune 500 companies’ websites. Symantec secures more than a million web servers worldwide. And, as per a recent survey, about 75% of e-commerce websites use Symantec’s Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. These figures simply amplify the fact that Symantec is the best solution when it comes to web security.

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