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An SSL Reseller Program That Offers a Free EV SSL Certificate

Every SSL reseller program out there advertises different features and benefits as to why you should choose them. These kinds of features can go beyond just pricing and integration. While those are both extremely important, you might want to consider an SSL reseller that goes above and beyond the industry standard. Why? Because an SSL certificates selling program that offers innovative solutions to boost your sales is more likely to be dedicated to the craft of SSL and, ultimately, benefit you in terms of boosting profits.

One feature that is being offered more and more by SSL providers is a chance to get a free Extended Validation (EV) certificate. EV certificates are the most premium SSL certificate on the market, as they offer far and away the most features. These certificates activate all trust indicators in all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more. With an EV certificate, a website gets the padlock icon next to their URL, the valued “https”, a trust seal from the Certification Authority (CA), and, best of all, the green address bar.

The green address bar is the most universally recognized symbol of trust on the internet. There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is because many of the most popular sites online like Amazon, Bank of America, and Twitter, are equipped with an EV certificate, so customers are used to seeing the green address bar on the large sites that they trust the most. Secondly, from a young age, we are all taught to associate green with good. A green light means you can go, for example.

Simply put: websites that have an EV certificate are more likely to be trusted by a new customer, as the site will instantly be thought of in the same vein as the most popular sites on the web in terms of trust. Also, subliminally, a customer will feel that they can “go” ahead and safely make purchases on the EV-protected website.

EV certificates also happen to be the most expensive SSL certificates, so if you’ve given thought to becoming an SSL reseller, it would stand to reason that you would want to advertise and sell the most premium products possible. One of the best and most obvious ways to sell a product is to be a user yourself, meaning that, if you don’t have an EV certificate on your website, it might be extremely difficult to convince one of your customers to invest in one. This is why several SSL providers now offer to give their resellers an EV certificate for free.

However, there is one SSL provider that is the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to offering their resellers a free EV certificate. That company is The SSL Store™. As the largest SSL provider in the world, The SSL Store™ offers a premium reselling program for web hosting companies and many other types of online business across the globe. While they offer a litany of integration options, along with the best pricing you’ll find anywhere, they also provide their resellers instant access to what they call, “Enablement Programs.” These programs are designed to do exactly what their name suggests – enable their resellers to sell more SSL.

One of the most popular and original Enablement Programs that they offer is called EV for ME™. Basically, a reseller of The SSL Store™ can get a free EV certificate sent to them, good for one year. Resellers can sign up for the program through their control panel and then they will instantly be sent some pre-written content that focuses both on SSL and, specifically, EV certificates. They will also be sent a pre-written sell page for EV certificates that can be customized with their individual company information, in order to avoid any duplicate content issues.

However, resellers are not required to use the content provided to them by The SSL Store™. The point of the program is that, in order to get a free EV certificate, The SSL Store™ just wants to make sure that the reseller is actively advertising and selling SSL, and EV, on their website. The best part is, every reseller gets a dedicated account manager, and this account manager works with resellers to ensure that their website is an SSL-selling machine.

Another reason it is important for a reseller to have an EV certificate on their site is to get familiar with the validation process. Since these are premium security products, EV certificates definitely live up to their name of “extended validation.” Certification Authorities like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and Comodo are required, per CA/B forum rules, to perform an extensive validation of the company receiving the EV certificate.
While this validation process is necessary and fairly straight-forward, a lot of problems and hiccups can arise and could lead to a refund request or a vendor rejection if the customer is not familiar with what to expect and what to have prepared.

This is where the true value of The SSL Store™ comes to play. Firstly, when a reseller receives their free EV certificate, The SSL Store™ has validation experts on-staff that help expedite EV orders to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Even better, The SSL Store™ offers their resellers a number of documents and guides that outline the specifics of the EV process. So, once a reseller has the experience of going through the EV process themselves and has the tools necessary to broadcast the specifics to their customers, they will be able to assist in the validation process and ensure that once an EV sale happens, it doesn’t get refunded or rejected by the vendor.

In addition to EV for ME™, The SSL Store™ offers a number of other enablement programs to their resellers completely free of charge. One of these programs is called the Switch & Match Guarantee, which ensures that if a reseller is switching to The SSL Store™ from another provider, they can apply all of their past purchases, up to 2 years, to their new account. This enables new resellers to gain instant access to better pricing, since their previous SSL experience shouldn’t be completely discounted!

Another enablement program that The SSL Store™ offers is Upgrade Us™. This program allows resellers to send their friends and colleagues a pre-written email about The SSL Store™ reseller channel and, if that friend or colleague signs up and gets approved, they both get access to better pricing right away. It’s as simple as that!

This commitment to developing innovative new enablement programs shows that The SSL Store™ is dedicated to helping their resellers sell SSL. Plus, they offer SSL certificates from the most respected brands in the industry like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, and Comodo. So, whether you’re looking to become a Symantec SSL reseller or a Comodo SSL reseller, The SSL Store™ offers the best SSL reseller program in the industry.
If you would like to learn more about the EV for ME™ program offered by The SSL Store™, or why you should choose then as your SSL reseller program, you can visit our website page by clicking right here.

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