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Code Signing Certificates Reduce Resistance to Downloads

April 5, 2013 James Labonte

Customer Satisfaction; Can You Deliver it?

You are computer savvy, and you have decided to tap into the world’s most powerful resource for conducting your business. But how does this affect your customer? When a customer is requested to download any content, numerous anxieties can arise (i.e.“Is this spyware, malware, a virus?”). A Code Signing Certificates puts customers at ease.

Code Signing Certificates require a signature from the publisher of the software. This in turn, validates the publisher and signals to the user that the software has not been compromised. Customers see this when the download window pops up on their computer. The signature shows that the software is sent from the publisher and that it has not been modified or tampered with since it’s been signed.

Customer participation is key to business, and alleviating customer anxiety is key in receiving their participation. Many customers are not computer experts, it is often easier for them to say “no” to downloading if they have any suspicions. Code Signing Certificates eliminate the suspicion.

Code Signing Certificates do this by digitally signing and time-stamping their code which allows for the customer to verify the publisher’s identity and also verify that the content they are downloading has not been tampered with since the signing.

On their browser, the details pop up showing them that the download is from the authorized publisher and that the software hasn’t been messed with. If you can reduce “warning” alerts customer satisfaction will increase because the customer will not second guess their decision when the user experiences an easy, streamlined download.

How the certificates work:

  • A cryptic digital signature is applied to code or content.
  • When a user encounters it, their system decrypts it.
  • The user’s system examines the signature that was used to sign the application.
  • The user’s system compares that to the signature on the downloaded application.




If the signature used to sign the application matches the one on the download it’s a go! If it doesn’t, then the system interrupts with a warning.

Why Code Signing Certificates Work Wonders

When a web user can rest assured that they are receiving validation of the publisher of the software, the content, the code and scripts based off of that digital signature, this increases the buyers satisfaction of the purchase. When those anxieties are relieved and the customer knows that the code has not been tampered with, modified, or compromised, this increases the buyers satisfaction of the business.

No matter how good the product is, if in the end the customer has not been satisfied with the process that will stick out foremost in their memory. Customers tend to have great memories of bad buying experiences and there is no reason this simple fix should not be applied. A Code Signing Certificate goes beyond security, it focuses on great delivery.

Code Signing Certificates and Customer Satisfaction; Can You Deliver It?

Customers want a great deal. Customers want you to satisfactorily deliver it. Skimping on the latter will greatly affect overall satisfaction. If you have made and sold the best product, but the customers are unhappy with the final outcome (the delivery), then that is the last thing they remember. And the last thing they remember will be their strongest memory.

Now they don’t have to be computer savvy, they only have to be confident. It’s not like they wanted to do all the research and compare digital signatures themselves. Maybe they couldn’t, they certainly don’t have to. Sometimes it’s just good to know that someone’s looking out for them. And not a red flag.

Businesses can keep themselves and their customers relaxed when those red flags are eliminated. The best way to eliminate those obstacles is through obtaining a Code Signing Certificate,

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